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The Building: Once A Vision, A Dream Come True

Oct 14, 2014

The administration Building of Ilagan Water District (ILA-WD) was built on August 2012 under the initiative of a service oriented Board of Directors and Management of ILA-WD.

Located on a hill top, facing east, its leadership and wisdom to sustain with high resolve to provide safe drinking water to a teeming population.

Such a life-assuring duty demands true and honest service from the policy makers to the administrative staff.

City Of Ilagan Water District Expansion And Rehabilitaion Project

Over the past several months, City Of Ilagan Water District (ICWD) management has been working with the projects and rehabilitation of some areas that are waterless. Several suggestions were provided and many will be incorporated to satisfy and improve water supply condition.

The work involves repairing, rehabilitating, replacing, enhancing and upgrading the installation of transmission pipe lines totaling approximately One Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Two (1,722) linear meters which will connect an existing water lines in certain areas.

This expansion and rehabilitation project is a remarkable accomplishment to increase the number of service connections, intensify collection efficiency, reduce Non Revenue Water (NRW) and will improve and increase water pressure.

Replacement of distribution lines throughout the areas will upgrade the water system.

Along with the expanded service, should result to an improved health and sanitation for the residents.

With the better water service and expansion project implemented by the City Of Ilagan Water District (ICWD), it is anticipated that many residence in the area will reactivate their water supply connections.

Preventive Maintenance: Purging And Flushing Program... A Solution

Water Quality refers to the chemical, physical and biological characteristic of water.

Through the years, declining water quality has become a global issue of concern as human population grow, industrial and agricultural activities expand and climate change threatens to cause major alterations to the hydrological cycle. The City Of Ilagan Water District (ICWD) management is setting priorities in addressing and developing the implementation of various programs, projects and preventive maintenance to monitor and control the common dilemma of concessionaires regarding water quality.

The purging and flushing program is very important for the maintenance of the city's domestic water distribution system. The ICWD production and quality management systematically open hydrants four (4) times a week to allow water to flow at a high velocity through the distribution mainlines. This creates a scouring action in the pipe and dislodges fine sediment particles that accumulated in the pipe. The fine sediment mixes with the water, turning the water cloudy or rusty brown color. This mixture is discharged out of the hydrant.

Performing preventive and corrective maintenance for the City Of Ilagan Water District pumping station, pump motor and riser pipe of different sizes in diameter makes the unit last longer and perform better. This maintenance is a process of cleaning and de-clogging the dirt away from the pipes to allow air passage for a quality water supply.

Nevertheless, aside from the purging, flushing and preventive maintenance program, the filtering facilities and chlorination is being instituted by ICWD to deliver and sustain quality water to meet water demands of the Ilagueños.