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The Building: Once A Vision, A Dream Come True

The administration Building of Ilagan Water District (ILA-WD) was built on August 2012 under the initiative of a service oriented Board of Directors and Management of ILA-WD...

City Of Ilagan Water District Expansion And Rehabilitation Project

Over the past several months, City Of Ilagan Water District (ICWD) management has been working with the projects and rehabilitation of some areas that are waterless. Several suggestions were provided and many will be incorporated...

Preventive Maintenance: Purging And Flushing Program... A Solution

Water Quality refers to the chemical, physical and biological characteristic of water...


ICWD Customer Service Hotlines

Connecting to City Of Ilagan Water District is now easy! We posted our customer service hotlines and email for your concerns. We are most welcome to serve you!

City Of Ilagan Water District Filtration Sytem

Filtration is a biological process in water treatment in which undesirable elements are removed, resulting to a safe and potable water that conforms with the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW)...
Ilagan City Water District
Ilagan City Water District


October 11, 2014

The ILA-WD Management is implementing the ONE-MONTH DISCONNECTION POLICY. Please be informed that effective November 2013, ILA-WD Technical Team is authorized to compel the disconnection order after the due date stated in the billing statement


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